Write a book or start a blog?

Have you ever been told you should write a book? Are your  stories of your life experiences something that makes others respond in shock or wonder? Well I’ve heard these comments many times in my life. So I decided to take the leap and become a writer. Here’s how I decided and the tools I used  to achieve my goals.

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Why I chose to start a blog VS writing a book.I can’t believe how hard it was to make the leap into the blogging world. So many times I’ve been told to write a book. So many things have happened to me in my life. My travels through the USA and even in Europe have always been a source of conversation. Then of course there are the trials of my day to day life that seem to make people sit in surprise as they listen to me talk. I did my research on writing a book. I knew it would be difficult and time consuming. I looked into how to get it published and what the best practices would be for promoting it. When you think of writing a book you do it with the intention of eventually making a bit of money. After all you put a lot of time and energy into writing. Then comes the costs involved that you pay along the way. After coming to terms with the commitment and the cost you run across the next major issue. WHAT do I write about? I’m obviously not a fantasy writer and that wasn’t what people were asking for from me anyhow. I needed to write about my life, my experiences and what made my story so interesting. Well that’s all well and good until I tried to figure out where in my life I should start and a bigger question… how to decide when to end my story when I’m still living this crazy life.Why I started blogging.

One day while on Facebook I saw an ad for the 5 day email blogging course. It was free so I had nothing to lose. I immediately signed up and started the course. By day 3 I had my answer. I decided to become a blogger. It was simple really. A book starts and ends but a blog can just keep on going. I wouldn’t have to choose what story to tell because I could just keep writing as my experiences changed. I was so excited to not only find an answer to my biggest dilemma but to find mentors in the blogging world.

I took a leap and signed up for the Blogging Blast Off 30 day course. I couldn’t lose. It was less expensive than it would have cost just to publish my first book. I joined the group on Facebook and got started. I will admit I didn’t sleep much those first few days. I read everything I could about blogging and as many blogs as I could to find information.

After starting the course and doing everything it taught I started to form a plan in my head. Not long after starting the course I realized I wanted to add traveling into our lives and use the content in my blog. I then signed up for the Travel Blog Fast Track course.Blogging Blast Off Course

The amount of information I’ve received in these 3 courses has been nothing short of amazing. The value of the courses is immeasurable when you add in the bonuses you receive. Not only do I get 2 years of access to continue to refer back to the courses, I gained 2 amazing mentors in Pete and Heather. I connected with the other bloggers in the groups they created and can even call a few of them friends. I’m learning how to make money online, travel with a purpose and look at my everyday life as an opportunity to share with others.

Blogging has been an answer to my prayers. It’s given me an outlet to tell my story. Since my story is still being written each day I have constant new content to write about. I’ve found blogging to be better and cheaper than therapy. It lets me work through everything that’s happened in my life. I write it and have learned to then move on.

I’m still learning every day about the ins and outs of blogging and how to turn it into an income source for our family. I have a new community of bloggers willing to give me advice and help out when I have questions. Not only am I learning about blogging I’m learning the best practices for using social media to get my story read.

I can’t thank Pete and Heather enough for the amazing courses they have created. I’m blessed to have found their leadership. I’m excited to see where my blogging life takes me and the adventures I will experience because of what I’ve learned through them.Starting a blog and the tools I used to do it.

If you’ve taken any of their courses please leave a comment and tell me what your favorite part of the course was. I’d also love to hear why you started blogging and what it’s done for you.

Remember it only takes 1 step 2 make a change for a better future! Be blessed and see you soon!


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